Steps to File a Claim

Kress Restoration | Steps to File a Claim

1. Initial call is placed to Kress Restoration and the following information is required: Description and extent of loss: fire, water, or wind damage

2. Kress Restoration will dispatch trained technicians to the loss locations, usually within two hours of claim call. If a person calls the emergency after hours line, Kress Restoration will respond within ten minutes with a phone call and have tech crews there within 2 hours 24/7

3. Once service is completed, an estimator or a Kress Restoration representative will contact you to set up an appointment to create an estimate for you and your insurance company.

4. Kress Restoration will also contact your insurance company to inform them of the situation to ensure that all parties understand the extent of the loss and the cost requirements to repair it.

5. Once all parties have agreed on the scope of damages and the cost estimate, a contract will be provided for you to review and sign.

6. The contract will detail the start date and completion date of project.

7. Once the contract is executed, Kress Restoration will assign you a project coordinator who will provide you with a complete schedule of events for your project.

8. When the project is complete, Kress Restoration will collect the final payment, as stated in the contract.